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Maurice Llache Olaya


Mauricio Llache is an outstanding professional in the field of urban law and territorial planning. Graduating as a lawyer from Universidad de Ibagué, he holds a specialization in Urban Law, Property, and Land Policies from Universidad de los Andes, as well as a Master's degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. Mauricio has been active in the professional field since 2011, excelling in topics related to urban regulations, planning instruments, urban management, and financing. He has collaborated on various projects at Durán & Osorio since 2017, becoming a partner in 2024.

Throughout his career, Mauricio has gained significant experience leading and advising on various significant projects in the field of urban and territorial planning in different cities. Among his contributions is his participation in the structuring of legal and operational frameworks for large-scale projects in different cities of the country, such as partial plans, implementation plans, regularization and management plans, special management and protection plans, urban licenses, and the implementation of land policies. Currently, Mauricio collaborates closely with various teams in the conception, formulation, and development of infrastructure projects, territorial planning plans, planning instruments, management and financing, urban licensing procedures, among others, demonstrating his ability to handle legal, technical, and social complexities in the planning and execution of large projects.

His professional dedication has been complemented by his role as an advisor to various district and municipal entities over the past 13 years, working in different administrations at both district and municipal levels. This experience has provided him with a unique insight into the application of urban policies and the adaptability required to address the specific challenges of urban development. Additionally, Mauricio is a professor at Javeriana University, Rosario University, and Externado University, where he teaches in the field of urban law and territorial planning.


Lawyer. Universidad de Ibagué.

Post-graduate degree in Urban Law, Property, and Land Policies. Universidad de los Andes

Master's degree in Urban and Regional Planning. Pontificia Universidad Javeriana


Spanish, English


Áreas de Práctica

Territorial, Urban, and Real Estate Development

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