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Telecommunications, media and technology

Durán & Osorio is considered one of the leading law firms in Colombia in advising matters of telecommunications, media and technology.

Our experience extends as far back as 20 years ago, since the beginning of the market liberalisation of TMT networks and services in Colombia, until the recent introduction to internet based services. Throughout the years, through our participation in significant transactions, we have accumulated a considerable knowledge base on TMT sector specificities. Moreover, we have consolidated our image as a law firm that combines both legal and regulatory awarenesses, all while demonstrating a deep understanding of the technical idiosyncrasies and financial requirements of the industry.

This particular practice entails procedural matters concerning TMT regulation, such as registry of operators, requests for the granting of radioelectric spectrum use permission and advice regarding the compliance of TMT regulations more generally. In addition to this, the law firm has assisted public entities in the development of new regulation and has assisted the TMT operators’ M&A transactions.

Other aspects managed by the TMT department are related audiovisual media, including the authorising TV operators, advice on drafting TV distribution agreements and OTT schemes.

The TMT team is also in charge of advising on personal data legal systems and science and technology agreements.

Durán & Osorio offers legal and regulatory advice to public and private entities regarding TMT regulation, including advice on corporate and contractual aspects related to the development of technology based business.

Among the most important cases in which the firm has been involved in we would like to highlight the merger process of Colombia Telecomunicaciones and Movistar. This merger, possibly the biggest in Colombian history, was particularly complex because of a public entity’s stake in Colombia Telecomunicaciones‘ equity and its duties to its pension scheme beneficiaries. After extensive legal work, the merger positioned the company, now called Telefónica Colombia, as a TMT operator able to offer its clients all kinds of services: telecommunications, fixed and mobile lines, DTH television, internet access and corporate services, all over the country.

Durán & Osorio has also assisted public policy projects for the agreements on tariffs for the use of the electromagnetic spectrum and has overseen the process of granting licenses for the provision of television services.

It is very important to make special mention of the firm’s work in the science and technology field. Durán & Osorio offers legal advice to the Colombian Geological Service for the various complex agreements in this field which, in Colombia, are subject to a special system of public procurement.


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