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Energy and Extractive Industries

The firm is widely recognised for its advice in oil projects (upstream and downstream), as well as in advising on the legal dynamics of activities undertaken in the energy and mining sectors.

Some of the more significant energy project overseen include advising on the acquisition of the hydroelectric power plant of Caldas (CHEC) and the energy corporation of Quindío (EDEQ), where the law firm acted as the legal counsel to Empresas Públicas de Medellín - EPM. The firm also provided advice to ISA for the acquisition of Transelca and to ISAGEN in the acquisition of equity in the hydroelectric plant in Guavio.

Noteworthy too is the firm’s assistance in structuring an expansion project for the National Transmission System to 500 KV, for the Bolivar- Copey-Ocana-Primavera and Primavera-Bacatá sections, which represented an approximate investment of USD 580 million. The law firm has also been in charge of structuring the bidding process for investor selection for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of the substation Nueva Esperanza 500/230 kv (converter 450 mva – 500/230 kv) and its related transmission lines as well as for the Bosque sation (220 kv) and its related transmission lines.

Additionally, our law firm consistently assists Ecopetrol on a wide range of legal matters. Some of the most important advice provided has been on its partial privatisation and setting up its IPO in Colombia and in the United States. Furthermore, we helped develop a scheme that allowed the company the simultaneous production of coal and gas in certain places where Ecopetrol has mining production rights.

The law firm also assisted Carboandes in the structuring process of a combined project for the production of coal in a mine located in Rondón (Boyacá) and the construction of a power plant to supply the mining activity.

Durán & Osorio has developed considerable experience in logistical infrastructure for the mining sector. It is important here to mention the legal assistance provided to Milpa, principal coking coal producer in Colombia, and to Coalcorp, a Canadian mining corporation, for the acquisition of port infrastructure in the Caribbean coastline of Colombia. It is also important to note the assistance given to Carbones del Cesar in aspects related to the transportation of minerals and access to railway infrastructure, as well as general aspects of the mine and coal commercialization. The Firm also provided legal assistance to Sator (Argos Group) for the transportation of coal and for the sale of capacity in Vale’s railway network.

With respect to public entities, the law firm advised Ingeominas in contracting an audit service for mining activities and the law firm consistently advises the Colombian Geological Institute – Servicio Geológico Colombiano – in public procurement and contract law.


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