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October 21, 2020.


Yesterday, with the remote assistance of the President of the Republic and the Mayor of Bogotá, the Bogotá Company, the Concessionaire and the Controller signed the Minutes of Start of Execution of the Concession Contract for the First Line of the Bogotá Metro . This fact, longed for by the inhabitants of the capital for many years, marks a milestone in the history of Colombia's infrastructure, as the largest and most ambitious infrastructure project in the country begins.

The Durán & Osorio is proud not only of the work carried out in the structuring of the project, but also of the support provided to the Metro Company since the signing of the Contract, which made it possible for the parties to meet all the necessary requirements so that today we celebrate the beginning of the Bogotá Metro .

We especially highlight the work of Álvaro Durán, Felipe Herrera, Álvaro Gasca, Sebastián Duque, Pablo Rodríguez and Juan José Díaz.


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