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Roads and Massive Transportation

Durán & Osorio has assisted in the development of the most important road infrastructure projects, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems and other massive transportation programs in Colombia.

The firm was responsible for the drafting of a standardised PPP contract for the fourth generation (4G) concession contracts and the legal structuring of a large number of these projects. The 4G concession program is the most ambitious investment program in Colombia, with more than 25 billion dollars of expected investment.

Similarly Durán & Osorio was in charge of structuring the legal framework for Transmilenio, a successful public transportation initiative operating a fleet of buses (BRT) that changed the logistical dynamics of Bogotá and which was adopted by other cities around the world thereafter - with some of these projects warranting the firm’s assistance.

In 1999, our law firm designed the legal and contractual structure that allowed the beginning of the operation stage of the BRT buses, the revenue and control of this BRT system. Later, in 2002, the law firm structured the project to actually develop the infrastructure of Transmilenio’s phase 2 (exclusive lanes, mixed, stations, public areas, service networks, etc.). This phase involved the following main streets in Bogotá: Troncal Calle 13 – Américas, NQS and Suba.

These contracts are the first experience in Colombia related to private financing that includes payments by availability without traffic flow risk. Additionally there were introduced important breakthroughs concerning risk assignment that today are a common denominator in the Colombian market. The estimated investment made in Transmilenio phase 2 infrastructure was more than 700 millions dollars. This phase was terminated on time and within budget.

Recently, Durán & Osorio leaded the structuring and financing of Phases II and III of Transmilenio's BRT system in Soacha. This project will improve the mobility between Bogotá and this locality and will benefit over 400.000 passengers.

Among our clients, we assist multilateral entities, governments and private sector corporations dedicated to construction and financing.


  • Project structuring

  • EPC contracts

  • Project financing

  • Advising on the presentation of bidding proposals before public and private entities

  • Advising on the execution of private participation contracts

  • Advise on the submission of unsolicited proposals for PPPs

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