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Dispute Resolution

Durán & Osorio has a very active litigation and dispute resolution practice. The Firm has represented national and international clients in judicial proceeding as well as as in arbitration tribunals, always pursuing the most effective solution for the client's interests.

Our litigation practice is focused in dispute resolution of matters related to infrastructure projects, telecommunications and administrative law. The interdisciplinary approach that characterizes our firm has had a positive effect in the litigation practice, allowing a more effective representation of our client's interests.


Durán & Osorio represented Telecom in various arbitration proceedings related to disputes that arose in the execution of the Joint Venture contract entered by the company to expand its landline infrastructure. Some of these disputes were resolved amicably before the ruling, and the rest of them resulted in a ruling favorable to Telecom's interests and our legal defense. 


Furthermore, the firm represented Patrimonio Autónomo de Remanentes (Telecom's liquidation trust) in three (3) arbitration proceedings, all of which were ruled in favor of Telecom and resulted in an award in excess of $ for the trust.

 The Firm has represented, among others, Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Bogotá S.A. E.S.P., Electrificadora de Santander S.A. E.S.P., Aseo Capital S.A., Distrito Capital – Secretaría de Obras Públicas – IDU, Empresa de Energía de Boyacá S.A., Concesión RUNT S.A. and Metro Cali S.A.

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